Competition! Goals! Fun!

On March 27th we hosted our biggest and most successful event to date. For an entire today we had six 3v3 fields perfectly aligned on one field, 3 different aged tournaments, 27 different teams, trophies, volunteers, music and an abundance of fun!

Our event kicked off with our Next Generation tournament focused on our U7-U11 age groups. With teams coming from our own club as well as different clubs in the area, we were able to create multiple games that have not happened before in the area. With the added incentive of trophies on the line, the competition was fierce. We loved seeing all the young talent in the community and knowing that Asheville’s soccer community will be thriving for years to come!

As the day moved on we saw moments of heartbreak and moments of pure jubilation as games were decided on pk’s or a last minute winner in the finals.

Our older boys & girls teams got in on the action as we moved towards the afternoon which saw the quality of play only enhance even further. We were proud to offer the FREE event for the entire Asheville Community and look forward to more events like this in the future!

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