Carolina Champions League

It is with great excitement that we announce Asheville Shield's formal commitment to join the Carolinas' finest clubs to compete in the Carolina Champions League starting Fall 2018.

The current structure of youth soccer in our area only allows specific programs to compete in local league play. The CCL is providing an opportunity for the Clubs that meet the US Club Soccer minimum standard requirements an opportunity to play, compete and grow.

The Carolina Champions League's mission is to create a positive culture among local clubs by creating an inclusive platform to grow the game. The league was designed for clubs to have a platform to compete in an environment that truly supports player development.


U.S. Club Soccer

A National Association member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, US Club Soccer is a non-profit organization committed to the development and support of soccer clubs in the United States.

Through U.S. Club Soccer, Asheville Shield Football Club’s programs – Recreationc, Select, Challenge and Classic – are able to be united under one organizational umbrella, creating a “members for life” culture within each club. US Club Soccer’s programming has all been developed with strong input from clubs around the country and with a minimum of rules and restrictions to allow efficient and innovative operations. An overview of some of these programs follows.


Asheville City Soccer Club

Asheville Shield Football Club is proud to be a community partner with Asheville City Soccer Club, Asheville’s one and only Premier soccer team. The partnership between ASFC and ACSC promises to bring exciting opportunities to the local soccer community.