The Woes & Wisdom of Winter Training


This week, I want to focus on something extremely important at this time of the year—preparing for the cold weather. Unfortunately, we have had an unlucky start to the season after having to cancel our first training day, I don’t plan for that to happen again though so here are a few things to think about when training or playing in cold temperatures.


1. Dress for the Cold

The body loses heat very quickly when temperatures decreases, so dress appropriately.

2. Stay Hydrated

Low temperatures can trick the body into thinking we are not dehydrated, this is not the case!

3. Warm Up/Cool Down

Your muscles will be even colder in these temperatures. Take the warm up seriously and when you are done recovery is crucial, so cool down at the end of a session.


All of these things are basic and very easy to do. This is about acting professional and looking after your body, and a body looked after off the pitch means that it will perform on the pitch.