Watch. Learn. Execute. Repeat.


So far this season "old man winter" has had his way with us which has impacted our ability to train "on the pitch." However, there are still many ways to keep learning and developing your skills "off the pitch."

Watching football on the "tube" is one of those ways! There are few things better than watching how professional players execute their skills from an aerial perspective.

The next time you find yourself watching a football match on the TV, "watch to learn" and try looking for these three things: 

  • THING 1—Don’t always watch the ball, look for what is happening off it. Great run? Creation of space? Defensive shape?
  • THING 2—See if you can figure out the formation and style of each side. How does it compare to your Asheville Shield FC team?
  • THING 3—Focus on the player in your position. What are some things they do that you could work on?

Training yourself to learn "off the pitch" can improve your game "on the pitch," and mold you into the player you want to be. So team, watch others do it "on the TV," and then execute it yourself "on the pitch."

Oh, and if you have a moment check out the new Asheville Shield FC online learning database where I’ll pick videos which you learn from, easily accessible and coming soon!