After our long awaited return to Carolina Champions League action, our 2005s, 2009s & 2010s showed the league just what they had been missing over the last few months with some excellent performances that they can all be proud of.

2005s vs One7 = 2-2

Had the first game of the day and were off to a rough start finding themselves 2-0 behind within the first 10 minutes of the game. Despite the early set back, the boys did an excellent job to show their fighting spirit as they fought their way back to a well earned 2-2 draw. Fantastic attitude to keep it going and highlights the excellent team spirit they have.

2009s vs ASA Stingers = 6-2

After their first season in the Shield Green/White last year, the boys were excited to be back doing what they love. Full of excitement they, like the 05s found themselves trailing early on after an early own goal putting the opposition ahead. Even with the shaky start, the boys didn’t let that ruin their party as they fired back with some quick comeback goals before eventually running away with a 6-2 victory.

2010/11 s vs Barca Academy = 5-0

In one of our favorite encounters of the day, we got to give our 2010/11 combined team their first ever outing as an Asheville Shield CCL team. With the way of the world they were forced to wait a while to get their chance but they certainly seized it with both hands. All 13 players could not contain their enthusiasm for the game with some parents admitting their players were dressed and ready in their kit at 7.30am… even though they kicked off at 6.30pm… WE LOVE IT!! With all their enthusiasm they were able to kick start their Shield journeys in the most perfect way with four different scorers, lots of celebrations and a memory that will last a lifetime!

Well done to all Shield teams! We look forward to seeing you all competing in the end of season tournament in Charleston, SC next week!

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