U11s - U18s (2012-2005s)

All of our competitive teams compete within the Carolina Champions League (CCL). The league was created for the Fall of 2018 and we are proud to be one of the founding members.

The CCL is a league that has been created to provide opportunities for players to enhance their development by focusing on the players, rather than the results. The league provides growing clubs like ourselves the opportunity to have consistent competitive games; appropriate to the level of each team. With its European styled culture we are delighted to be a part of the league and see our players grow within the unique environment it provides.

Within our league we are able to offer both home & away game opportunities. When we travel away, all teams will not only travel as an entire club, but also typically will play x2 games. Each age group consists of either a; Competitive or a Development division - Teams will be placed based on their team ability and is assessed before every season.

For more information regarding the Carolina Champions League please visit their website:

Parent Feedback

Having 3 siblings all playing at the same time is tough, but playing at the same location on the same day makes it so much easier! We are so grateful. 

The beauty of competing in the CCL is not only the fact that we get to have consistently competitive match ups each week but also the fact we can move players between rosters on a week by week basis. This allows us to focus purely on player development by moving players up and down an age group to better suit their ability level.

Our team started in the development division and moved to the competitive later that year, we could not be happier to see the improvement we have seen from this. 

Having all CCL teams travel to the same location, on the same day, makes it perfect for families with multiple siblings to not be spread across the state on match day.

The competition is fantastic, all clubs are aligned and with the focus on player development, we know we are getting high quality match-ups week after week.

We love the feeling of a close match up every game!

Consistent equal match ups are what we have always wanted for our daughter! 

  • Features of CCL Teams:

    • The absolute best coaching to player ratio that only small clubs can provide.

    • Player focused development in a fun, yet challenging environment.

    • Each player will receive player guide explaining our club philosophy and help for their development
    • Each player will receive an end of season Player Evaluation
    • A true competitive environment with other teams across our region, be it in league or tournament play.

    • Guidance, instruction, and training that is geared for soccer at the collegiate level for those that desire it, as well as those that just want “the best” without pursuing a collegiate path.

    • Assistance with the college recruiting process (if desired)

  • Team Formation:

    Teams will be formed on the basis of turnout and player skill/talent level. Players will be predominantly placed within their respective age group. However, exceptions may occur. If our coaching staff believes a player must play in a different age bracket to better their development - arrangements will be made (players can play up or down an age in CCL games). Decisions will be based on ability level / numbers per team. Parents should not ask us to play child in another age group - coaches will place players appropriately in accordance with their ability. Any player in an eligible age group is welcome to tryout.

    Following tryouts all players will be contacted regarding their respective team placements. For our 9v9 teams (U11/U12) we will aim for roster limits of 12. For our 11v11 teams (U13-U18) we will aim for roster limits of 16.

  • Season Length:

    Shield offers seasons in both the Fall & Spring. Your age/gender will determine which age group you can play in.
    Fall season starts mid August - early December. Spring season starts mid January - Early May.

    U14 (2009 born) and below - Boys & Girls are eligible to play BOTH Fall & Spring.
    U15 (2008 born) Girls and older, are eligible for the Fall ONLY.
    U15 (2008 born) Boys and older, are eligible for the Spring ONLY.

    *HS aged teams will have training groups while they are not in a full club season. Ie HS boys will train once p/w during the fall

$950 ASFC club fee per player/per season.

$250 non-refundable deposit
Required to secure a player’s position upon his/her acceptance. Your deposit will apply to the $950 player fee.

After $250 deposit, $700 in club fees remain.
Installment plan available.

Uniform kit per player $185
(Kit lasts for two seasons - Cycle begins Fall 21')

Financial assistance may be provided for those who qualify

  • Coaches Salary.
  • League registration fee.
  • US Club registration fee
  • Tournament fees.
  • Referee fees.
  • Field fees.
  • Three (3) weekly training sessions. Two (2) team training and one (1) session focused on technical ability.
  • Weekend Tournaments (within the region)

  • 4-5 Carolina Champions League Festivals. (Festivals will usually include two (2) games per day) with a minimum of 8 league games total. 

  • State Cup for competitive teams U13 & above


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