How do I become a Shield CCL Division player?

To play on a Shield "CCL" team, a player must attend player evaluations in May or potential supplemental tryouts throughout the year.

What if I am not selected for a CCL position?

You may still be eligible for a position on a Shield competitive team. After evaluations are complete, there could be the option to play in a lower age group if our Director of Coaching thinks it could aid your development. With the Carolina Champions League; we are free to move players Up/Down an age if it will help development.

As well as this we will also have our Next Generation Shield Program. Players not offered CCL positions also may have the chance to play within the program if numbers permit.

What if miss some/all of the tryouts but I still want to play?

This question has a different answer depending upon where in the season we are and the circumstances.

Please click here to inquire about your specific case.

When and where are practices?

Shield trains on a variety of fields in Asheville. During the course of the Fall/Spring 18/19 we primarily used Carolina Day & Asheville School. Days and times are determined by the coaches and their availability, as well as field availability.
Competitive teams train twice per week, with optional 1x optional training session focussed on technical ability.

When and where are games?

The Carolina Champions League games take place on weekends in the greater Charlotte area. Most games take place at Matthews Sportsplex.

How much travel is involved?

We travel for all Carolina Champions League games as the league is a Charlotte based league. We have two weekend tournaments away within the region. We will also have a couple of home games too.

How much are player fees?


$225 non-refundable deposit
Required to secure a player’s position upon his/her acceptance. Your deposit will apply to the $775 player fee.

$875 ASFC club fee per player/per season.
After $225 deposit, $550 in club fees remain.
Installment plan available.

$295.50 uniform kit per player.
(optional warm ups will be available)

Financial assistance for those who qualify.
Email to inquire


When does the season begin and end?

There is a fall season and a spring season.

Fall league training runs from mid August through start of December.

Spring league training runs from January through start of May.