One Club One Family Success

November 7th marked the first ever Draft Team Tournament in Asheville Shield history. Given the lack of competition and the overall uniqueness of this last year we wanted to do things a little bit differently. Unfortunately for our FALL CCL teams, they have been without competitive match-ups since last February due to the Pandemic. Therefore, we decided it was time to bring that competitive spirit back! From 10am – 5pm we had fields full of games and pure elation across all players. Our One Club One Family feel was oozing on the fields as well as on the sidelines with all age groups coming together as one.

For the tournament we split up our teams into two different aged brackets; U7-U12 & U13-U17 (Co-ed). Following the split of the age groups, we created four teams per bracket; with each age group represented per team. Once each team was created, we assigned a designated Shield Coach, team uniform and announced the schedule. Each team had one training session together prior to the tournament to get to know their temporary new team mates.

The two tournaments itself could not have gone any better! Our youngest tournament kicked off the day in spectacular fashion. We had goals, teamwork, celebrations, chanting from the sidelines and even penalty shoot-out drama! Playing within the 7v7 format there was always going to be goals and there was no shortage of that. For our oldest tournament, they were in the 11v11 format and also had their share of late goals, and penalty shoot-out drama in both Semis and the final. Each tournament featured: Group Stage > Seeded Semi Finals > Final. See below for full results and link to great pictures from the event.

U7-U12 Champion = TEAM JEO. Pictures here >> U7-U12 Action Shots; by Kyle Brady

U13-U18 Champion = TEAM DINCA.

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