Next Generation Shield

The perfect program to help young players develop and create a love for the game

Training Environment

Each team receives two training sessions per week. Sessions focus on improving players all round technical ability while also including fun competition.

Clear Philosophy

Our coaches will follow a clear curriculum created by Program Director that focuses on club philosophy exemplified by the entire club

Game Situations

Each of our teams will participate in interclub scrimmages, as well as outer club local friendlies. All players learn by playing & we aim to provide as many as possible.

In order to keep our parents involved with their childs development, Next Generation will send out a fortnightly syllabus of work. This helps to educate parents on the clubs soccer development program as well helps encourage player reflection and preparation for each session.

Fall 2022 season will begin August 22

Next Generation Shield strives to give every young player the best opportunity and a holistic experience to fulfill their full potential in soccer. Next Generation will provide a safe and challenging environment for players from all abilities to learn and develop the beautiful Game, with support from our experience coaching staff and Directors here at Shield

  • Next Gen Shield Purpose

    To help create an environment where players can foster a love of the game while also developing the abilities to progress into our competitive travel teams. We aim to develop effective ball manipulation skills, using a wide range of game- related techniques.

  • How We Develop Our Players

    Technically we will develop our players to be comfortable with the ball at their feet, be able use both feet and play with confidence, disguise and creativity. With adding movement development on the following areas Agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.

    Tactically we will develop our players to be aware of how and where to priories their attacking and defending but also when to retain possession the ball. We will also develop our players to recognize the importance of turnovers and how to react to transition promptly during the game.

    Our players will also be given the chance to take ownership of their own learning by choosing one of the arrive activities to further their development.

  • When players join Next Generation Shield, each player will receive the following three items: 

    1. Player Guide. Outlines our program philosophy, expectations, goals, and ways to help not only educate the player; but also show the family of what / how we will help develop your player. 
    2. Individual Development Plan (LDP). The LDP will be given individually to every player at the start of the season. Every player is a unique individual and develops at a different rate - The IDP provides the opportunity to be specific and accelerate development. 
    3. Workskill's Books. Each player will be given a ASFC Workskill's book, Within the book will be a variety of technical challenges as well as some mental tests. Each book is designed for different age groups and will be the players to keep throughout the year. They will share this book with their set coach during the season and showcase what they've achieved. 
Will my player have a set coach & team for the season?

Yes. All teams are sorted at the beginning of the season and players will be taught by the same coach throughout the year. Players will meet, and be taught by other coaches, however, they will be with their main coach for the majority of time. 

What days do we train?

Monday & Thursday.

Games will be typically a Saturday. However, program director may substitute a training evening for a games night. 

Do we play games?

ABSOLUTELY! Our teams will be joining the YMCA local league for league play starting Spring 2022. As well as this, we will also have an inhouse indoor league at our Launch indoor field, as well as interclub matches. 

What level of play is this?

Our development program. This is the equivalent of Academy play at other youth clubs. The program is designed for young players wanting more of a challenge, who are building towards competitive travel football in the future. 

When do seasons Start/End?

Fall Season - Mid August > Late November. 

Spring Season - Late Jan > Early May

Is all training outdoor? Or indoor too?

BOTH. Starting Fall 2022, we will have both outdoor and indoor. When the cold dark nights set in, we will transition to our new indoor home at Launch. 

What are the fees?

Fees are paid per Fall & per Spring. It is $375 for each. 

Only additional is the $56 Kit fee

If you would like any additional information please contact us!