Next Generation Shield

The perfect program to help prepare players progress towards competitve football

Training Environment

Each team receives two training sessions per week. Sessions focus on improving players all round technical ability while also including fun competition.

Game Situations

Each of our teams will participate in interclub scrimmages, as well as outer club local friendlies. All players learn by playing & we aim to provide as many as possible.

CCL Experience

All of our competitive players compete in the CCL. Our NGS players will be invited to one CCL festival per season.


Fall 2019 marked the inaugural season for our newest program within our rapidly growing family club. We were so excited to be able to offer professional coaching for players aged 7-10 for the first time in club history. The season of 19/20 will be a memorable year to look back on in years to come, and we are thrilled to announce that next season will be even better.

Although we had a fantastic first season, we recognize that we can always improve. We have listened to your feedback and moving forward will have multiple match-day experiences for all our players. All players want to do is play, and we believe moving forward we can provide the perfect combination of technical training, complimented with a healthy amount of game situations. Each season will now include:

(i) Multiple Inter club Matches, (ii) External Local Friendlies, (iii) x1 CCL Festival.

Our Next Generation Shield program will be the first training that Asheville Shield will provide for our players. The aim of the program is to teach our young players how to play football in all aspects. The program will be primarily focused on developing each players’ technical ability while developing their tactical awareness. We will immerse our players in a complete learning environment. We will start preparing young kids to love the sport and follow developed international leagues. Football is a worldwide sport that is growing immensely within our country, with our Next Generation Shield program we will be giving our player their first taste of great coaching. The Next Generation Shield will include high level coaching, great facilities, and an all-round fantastic learning environment.


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Our Program Will Teach Players:

  • Control the ball with skill and composure

  • Possess good ball striking techniques

  • Receive and pass with precision

  • Understand when and where to pass the ball

  • Understand passing options

  • Run and change direction at different speeds

  • Utilize their football (soccer) IQ on the field

  • Learn how to play as a team


Season Length -

  • Each team will have the same schedule. Fall Seasons will begin in Mid August and will continue until late November. Spring Seasons will begin in Mid-January and will continue until late April.
  • Teams will train two times per week; Monday & Wednesday evenings.
  • Games will typically be scheduled on Saturdays & practices could be changed to games if Director decides.


Season Price -

  • Per Season - $375
  • Kit - $55**

If you would like any additional information please contact us!