Coming Fall 2019

Asheville Shield Inaugural Youth Program Season

We are excited to announce our club will be adding our first ever Youth Program in Fall 2019. Our Next Generation Shield program will be the first training that Asheville Shield will provide for our players. The aim of the program is to teach our young players how to play football in all aspects. The program will be primarily focused on developing each players’ technical ability while developing their tactical awareness. We will immerse our players in a complete learning environment. We will start preparing young kids to love the sport and follow developed international leagues and youth academies. It takes a process to create top-level and professional footballers and we will be doing it here with our Next Generation Shield program. The Next Generation Shield will include high level coaching, great facilities, and an all-round fantastic learning environment. 

Through the guidance of our program, our NGS players will gain the ability to: 

  • Control the ball with skill and composure

  • Possess good ball striking techniques 

  • Receive and pass with precision 

  • Understand when and where to pass the ball 

  • Understand passing options 

  • Run and change direction at different speeds 

  • Utilize their football (soccer) IQ on the field 

  • Learn how to play as a team 

Next Generation Shield will provide all of our young players with a platform to prepare themselves and be ready to compete in the Carolina Champions League. After completing the U10 NGS season, the goal for each player would be that they have developed enough in their football ability to be ready to move into classic football and therefore allow them the opportunity to compete in the Carolina Champions League. 

I am absolutely delighted we are adding Next Generation Shield to the club. This is a huge step forward and will be a fantastic opportunity for any young aspiring footballer. The program is the perfect way for our players to learn the true philosophy within our club. I cannot wait to see the exciting talent we will have when the program begins.
— Director of Coaching; Nathan Watt

NGS Questions/Answers

Will we play matches? 

NGS teams will typically be a training based program. NGS teams will play primarily inter-club games with potential of friendlies outside of the club if Youth Director deems the team ready for competition. *Friendlies outside of the club are not guaranteed and will be dependent on the development of our players*

What is the Cost? 

$200 - Deposit paid upon being offered initial spot within the program

$550 - Remaining balance for the season after deposit

$90 - Kit fee

Where and when will we train? 

Asheville School. Monday & Wednesdays. 6-7.15.

Come along and be a part of Shield Club history - 2019-2020 Next Generation Shield Tryout:

If you missed tryouts but are still interested in joining our program, do not worry! Please reach to our Youth Director for more information. (Contact info below)

If you missed tryouts but are still interested in joining our program, do not worry! Please reach to our Youth Director for more information. (Contact info below)

If you have any questions regarding Next Generation Shield; please contact Director of Next Generation, Ryan Buick @ ryanb@ashevilleshieldfc.org