May 4th we are hosting an open event for anyone in the area to attend. Players/families can attend and see what our program is all about. The event will be free for all. We encourage you to come along with your friends and enjoy a great night of soccer. Players will perform in a session, while parents will be spoken to by the Director of NGS; Stuart Jacob, about the program, the way we do things and why. Within the parent meeting we will have the opportunity for Q&A as well as opportunities to view our handouts that families get after signing up.

We will have teams formed for U7-U10 (2016-2013). Teams will be formed officially come the Fall based upon ability so that players are challenged appropriately. If you are a current non-shield player interested, please reach out to our program director with any questions you may have. Enrollment for the program will open that night.

May 4 orientation flyer

When players join Next Generation Shield, each player will receive the following three items:

Available to view at open night

  1. Player Guide. Outlines our program philosophy, expectations, goals, and ways to help not only educate the player; but also show the family of what / how we will help develop your player.
  2. Individual Development Plan (LDP). The LDP will be given individually to every player at the start of the season. Every player is a unique individual and develops at a different rate - The IDP provides the opportunity to be specific and accelerate development.
  3. Workskill's Books. Each player will be given a ASFC Workskill's book, Within the book will be a variety of technical challenges as well as some mental tests. Each book is designed for different age groups and will be the players to keep throughout the year. They will share this book with their set coach during the season and showcase what they've achieved.
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