Classic Division Player Fees


Classic Division Player Fees

from 550.00

Together with $225 deposit, this is your $775 player fee.

One (1) season of Shield Classic soccer, for one (1) player.

Included in the ASFC club fee:

League registration fee.
Tournament fees.*
Referee fees.

What the Fee Covers:


  • Licensed, collegiate level coaches, one (1) per team.
  • Two (2) training sessions per week (mandatory) at UNCA or other Asheville field.
  • Minimum of nine (9) competitive matches per season.
  • Structured strength training program for the summer, available only to Shield Classic players.

FOR U16 – U18

  • One (1) ID tournament in the fall for boys and one (1) ID tournament in the fall for girls.
  • One (1) tournament at the beginning of the season.
  • One (1) tournament at the end of the season.

FOR U13 – U15

Three (3) tournaments per season, dates/locations TBD.

* Player is responsible for individual lodging and meal expenses associated with tournament travel.

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