— Tournament Round-Up —

Over the weekend of Feb 1st – 2nd, all seven of our Spring Competitive teams traveled to the Rock Hill & Matthews area for the 2020 Puma Kings Cup. The weekend turned out to be a momentous weekend for our club and one that we will be talking about for a long time to come. Not only were there some fantastic team performances on the field, we also felt our family club united more than ever off the field. The immense support from Players/Coaches/Parents was felt across every single team and the pride of wearing green was firmly oozing across the tournament. Our “One Club One Family” approach has been embraced by every member of our club, and is undoubtedly our favorite take from this weekend. The environment that has been created off the field, has provided all of our players the perfect platform and environment to excel in, on the field.

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2008s Puma King Champions & 2004s Puma King Champions

Historic Moments for the club:

(a) Most teams we have ever taken to a single tournament (seven)

(b) Most competitive players taken to a single tournament (102)

(c) Most teams reaching a semi final in a single tournament (six)

(d) Most teams reaching a final a single tournament (four)

(e) Most teams winning Championships in a single tournament (two)

Shield Team Final positions:

2009s – Semi Finalists

2008s – Champions

2007s – Runner’s Up

2006s – Runner’s Up

2005s – Semi Finalists

2004s – Champions

2002s – 4th Place