Your Support Matters!

Asheville Shield Football Club, founded in the Spring of 2015, draws youth participants from Buncombe and surrounding counties in Western North Carolina. We strive to field competitive boys and girls teams that travel throughout the region, and to develop these players individually while having them learn the value of teamwork and community.

Our mission is to make the "world's game" available to any family in our community. We are committed to never turning a child away for the inability to pay. And it is only because of the generosity of sponsors like you that this can be possible.

ASFC is member funded and run by volunteer efforts. Our club has grown dramatically over the last 2 years, and with your help plans to launch both a Recreation and Challenge Division in the fall of 2018.

Every 4 years, the great game of soccer unites nations and even the world. It is our hope that through the strong partnerships between Asheville Shield Football Club and it's sponsors, that same "great game" can be used to unite a community.

Corporate Sponsorships Directly Benefit the Community

  • Sponsorship of children who have the desire to play but lack financial means
  • Promote healthy activity and teamwork for area youth
  • Provide additional skills training that benefits local school teams
  • Support local parks and playing fields through maintenance and use fees

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

  • Associate your company with a positive force in our community and an international sport that continues to grow in popularity
  • Gain direct recognition from the families who participate in the club
  • Promote your brand to a wider audience through placement of your logo on many different applications including our website
  • Contributions are tax deductible as ASFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

"Thank You" to our current sponsors!